Kellogg India & TBR collaborate to provide 1,00,000 children with nutritious breakfasts!

The breakfast cereal giant has committed to ‘Nourishing India’s Potential’ and has teamed up with two non-profit organisations to debut the Bright Start programme by providing nourishing breakfasts to almost 6,000 kids based in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

According to TBR, the implementation partner of the Bright Start initiative – 80% of Indian children do not eat breakfast, with the midday meal served in schools being the first meal of the day. Pankaj Jethwani, co-founder of TBR, said, “India is in the mid of a malnutrition epidemic. 80% of our children suffer from ‘hidden hunger’ [micro-nutrient deficiency] and more than a third of our children are underweight. This leads to reduced learning (by 20%) and lifelong productivity (by 10%).

Bright Start is helping unlock the true potential of India’s future, our children.” Continue reading

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