An update on TBR’s COVID response

TBR has served little over 620,000 meals to vulnerable communities; including migrant workers, tribal communities, and families living in urban slums. Another ~500,000 meals are being packaged and will be served over the next few weeks. We’re working with government officials as well and are closer to our goal to serve 2 million meals to help communities survive the immediate aftermath of the pandemic!

In Vikhroli, our partner Vision Rescue is working nonstop. There are hundreds of children in their Beacon Learning centres without access to food.  In other areas entire communities have been isolated and hungry. TBR has been able to provide 15,250 breakfast packs already; and is now sending another 30,000 meals worth of rations to them as part of their relief efforts in the Vikhroli, Shivaji Nagar, Mandala and Maharashtra Nagar communities! In June, we provided an additional 30,000 meals worth of rations to them to donate to the families of rag pickers…

Prerana (Anti Human Trafficking) is ensuring that the women and children they care for in the Worli slums have access to meals during the lockdown and 4,500 of our high protein breakfast packs enabled their night shelter to cover their requirements for this week. Similarly, Bal Asha Trust helped distribute 6,000 of TBR’s breakfast packs to old age homes and other affected shelters.

The need is immense – millions have lost their livelihood in areas we serve. A single meal a day is a luxury for many. Schools are indefinitely shut down, further reducing access to mid-day meals for children. 

#togetherwecan hasn’t been just a hashtag at TBR. It’s how we are working every day!

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