The Breakfast Revolution Story

- Who We Are -

In India, The Breakfast Revolution (TBR) is the main program under the Decimal Foundation, a registered non-profit Charity Trust (80G) in Mumbai. TBR is also registered as a non-profit charity in the US (501c3).

TBR is specifically created to combat the epidemic of hunger and malnutrition in India. We have been on an aggressive path to reach the most deserving populations with high quality, nourishing meals.

- TBR Vision and Mission -

The basic mission of TBR, founded in 2014, is to combat malnutrition among children in India. The problem of malnutrition is so acute that it is responsible for 1 in 2 child deaths in India! Also, 1 in 3 malnourished people in the world are from India. India performs worse than most Sub-Saharan and S. Asian countries in Nutrition Indicators. The problem exists not because of lack of food, but because of lack of essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, protein, and fats in the food consumed, because of a lack of awareness about hygiene and nutrition as well as poverty.

- TBR’s Holistic Program -

Since breakfast is the most important meal, and proper nutrition is the solution for malnutrition, TBR did considerable research to develop, manufacture, and distribute inexpensive but tasty, FSSAI (Indian-FDA) approved products, to provide children with the minimum daily requirements of all essential nutrients in a single breakfast meal.

The program is holistic as, in addition to the nutritious breakfast, it also provides children vitamin prophylactic, health check-up, nutrition and hygiene education, and periodically monitors their malnutrition status. It requires about $20 per child for a six-month holistic program, which is sufficient to enhance their malnutrition status.

Enormous strides have been made by TBR since its founding. It has served about 220,000 malnourished children and women by providing about 16 million meals, working with about 70 partner organizations which include corporations, schools, NGOs, hospitals etc. Our goal by 2025 is to impact 1 million lives. Even this ambitious goal would cover only a tiny fraction of the individuals needing help.

Even though TBR’s basic long-turn mission is to combat malnutrition, because of the tragedy of COVID, there are millions in India (especially people in slums, daily wage earners, migrant workers and other needy people, who have hard time getting a meal. So, our focus since the pandemic has been temporarily to provide meals to the needy. Through the generosity of our donors, TBR has been able to provide more than 5 million relief meals & supplements, working under the lock-down conditions, with special permission from governmental authorities.

- The Malnutrition Tracker -

TBR built an online nutrition analytics platform, the ‘Malnutrition Tracker’, that measures the effectiveness of nutrition programs. The mobile application can be very easily used by field staff to measure and assess while the cloud Dashboard provides our partners with the insights they need!

  • Its FAST – Just 2 minutes to examine; with the system offering instant analytics and reports
  • Its ACTIONABLE – Easily downloadable reports provide parents, teachers and partners with actionable suggestions.
  • Its IMPACTFUL – Very easy to measure the effectiveness of your nutrition programs

With stakeholders working together and backed by the numbers, it becomes so much easier to impact a larger audience every year.

Because of the need for resources to meet its goals, TBR, USA was founded about 3 years back as a US 501c3 non-profit, the donations to which are tax-deductible and eligible for any corporate matching schemes. Your tax-deductible donations can be made in the U.S. or India, either on-line or via check as indicated in the Donate Tab on the website.