Since 2014 we have worked with approximately 220,000 beneficiaries (children, adolescent girls, TB or cancer patients) and served 16 million meals and supplements.

We aim to reach 1 million (10 lakh) beneficiaries by the year 2025.

Your donation will help us provide nutritious meals to the malnourished beneficiaries. 

Join our movement. Together we fight Malnutrition!


Donations in India and USA are eligible for tax exemptions. We are a 501c3 certified organization in the US and an 80G certified organization in India.


For donors based in USA
You can either pay by check or on our online portal.
For payment by check, the details are as follows:

The Breakfast Revolution
Address: 234 S Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02130


For online payment, click on the button below:

Donors based in India who are Indian citizens. 

Through structured programs, we help companies meaningfully contribute to a malnutrition free India via:

1. An existing program and help scale it up

– OR –

2.  Start a new program for beneficiaries of your choice

We will provide end to end assistance in 4 steps:

1. Evaluating current health statistics of beneficiaries
2. Develop & Deliver a customized program
3. Monitor the program for best results
4. Provide your company with a detailed CSR report on the program

We have successfully executed CSR programs for the following companies:

Together we fight Malnutrition!

(Foundations, NGOs, New product development, Evidence generation, advocacy etc.)

Our fight against Malnutrition can become more widespread only with your support.

You can help by:

1. Introducing us to more beneficiaries. Partner with us to introduce our power packed nutritious foods to your preferred beneficiary group. And Introduce us to new agencies working with
beneficiaries in the same field of Health & Nutrition.

2. Reaching out to us with innovative and nutritious snack ideas. Introduce us to companies who manufacture nutritious/healthy foods and help us get us more tie-ups with potential partners.

Together we fight Malnutrition!

To know more meet with us, understand our program, profile of our partners and beneficiaries and accompany us for a site visit.

A little more help is always welcome!

You can also start your own program.


At TBR, we believe in simplicity and impact. If there is an organization that you would like to support, TBR will be happy to provide nutrition and implement the program.


For further details, please reach out to us at or at for more details.